Supro™ Style Guitar Amp Kit
Single channel Model 24

Based on the amp made famous by Jimmy Page.
This is the single channel version, two inputs, volume / tone and a mod switch.
Tube compliment: (2) 6973 power tubes, (1)5Y3 rectifier & (2) 12AX7s (tubes not included but available here).
Comes standard with Heyboer transformers, switchcraft jacks, Carling switches (except mod switch),
Watts Tube Audio circuit board and strip, Mallory 150 capacitors, Illinoise filter caps,
1 watt carbon film resistors, pointer knobs, ceramic sockets with shields and many other high quality parts..


Model 24 single channel kit
All parts except tubes and cabinet.

Shipping: All parts kept in stock. Kits usually ship within 3-5 days. Please allow 2 weeks for assembled amplifiers.

Chassis: Chassis are powder coated in silver. Lettering is screened. Clear coat is applied for surface protection.
All areas where ground connections are made are masked before powder coating to insure good ground connections for your build.
Cabinets: No longer stocked. Available direct through builder: Mike Charon. mjcharon@gmail.com.
Thank you for choosing Watts Tube Audio!